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Monday, February 18, 2008


the man sure knows how to make a statement. and this models wax is really just beyond brazilian. (

london - tom ford is going full steam ahead with the expansion of his namesake collection. world-famous london retailer, harrods, has announced that they will be carrying ford's clothing within a new store-in-store. the tom ford boutique at harrods will be placed on the ground floor, men's tailoring section. it will retail the designer's line of fragrances, eyewear and ready to wear clothing. made to measure pieces (which are totally worth investing in) will also be available for customers....

the impecabble interior of ford's flagship store in new york city. (

that said though, why don't i believe tom ford? as fabulous as it all seems (with the fabulous flagship and expansion overseas and brad pitt as a spokesmodel) i wonder what the actual numbers are. are people buying into his brand and image? i'm inclined to doubt it. but what do i know....?

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