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Monday, February 18, 2008


yes blaynista's that's me and fashion's wonderboy christopher kane. he was one of the many guests at the central saint martins graduate show this past friday. now what i should have done was ask him a few questions for this blog. but the groupie in me totally conquered the reporter. i was more than happy with a picture...

i look like a spring color story don't i? jersey has been my fabric of choice lately. and i am clad head to toe in it, along with a wonderful belted jacket from zara. everything is popping except my hair. i am in desperate, despeate need of a comb and conditioner...
that's me and my girl on the right of this photo. the wonderful young ladies on the left are also part of the m.a fashion journalism program. they are in the second year - above us.
myself and zoe, again. we were part of the seating team at saint martins' graduate fashion show.

me, and my classmates mari, and edyta.

london - good morning blaynistas! and how are you today? me? i'm feeling fabulous. after a hectic week i decided to take the last two days off to do nothing. i did no blogging, no writing, no emailing. instead i cleaned my flat in south london, cooked a wonderful meal (succulent chicken breasts seasoned with black pepper, paprika and a honey vinigerette, stirfied with shallots, mushrooms and sweet bell peppers, accompanies by a chilled bottle of chardonnay.) at one point i rolled out of bed and walked to covent garden with my friend nick to purchase russian red lip gloss fom mac and two vintage-inspired rope belts. but i digress....this post is about london fashion week which was wonderful. i encourage you to log on to and (search my name, zandile blay, on both sites) to check out my reporting. i learned so much about the london fashion scene and myself as a reporter. i've been attending fashion weeks' for the last four years, but this was one of the most special because of all the lessons. i look forward to doing a double header this coming fall by covering new york and london so make sure you come back for amazing pics. xx, your faithful fashion blogger.

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