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Friday, February 15, 2008


hampus and georgy taking a break from designing in the saint martins' studio. their fabulous pattern cutter, eugene, is in the background.

london - is that title a bit dramatic? i can't help it. the central saint martins graduate show is highly anticipated because through the years some of fashion's major stars have graduated from the school. as i'v mentioned before john galliano, alexander mcqueen, stella mcartney and phoebe philo are just a few of the haute names who have graduated from saint martins. this years crop of graduates have what it takes to follow in their footsteps, especially hampus bernhoff and georgy baratashvili, above. i have spent the past four months following them around to get a glimpse of how their collection has come together.
hampus, eugene, and georgy looking over sketches.

i compiled our interaction and pictures into a web project called the next haute shit. the project will debut online this evening - to coincide with the fashion show at 7 pm today. log on to at 7 (London Time) to check it out. bernhoff will be part of the graduate collection show this evening and i will post pics from it over the weekend as well. stay tuned.


Anonymous said...
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chaste said...

zandile! you're great!! i miss you.

xoxo, nina

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