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Wednesday, March 05, 2008


paris - another story that slipped through the earlier this year, i blogged about esteban cortazar, he is the 23 year old designer who was recently hired as the creative director of ungaro. it was a plum assignments, but at the time ungaro was definitely a house divided. it had already gone through four designers quicker than britney goes through frappucinno's, and the pressure was definitely on. cortazar had a matter of months to pull together a fierce collection and prove his talent and worth to the company and industry. well, in my opinion, our boy came through! i've been checking out reviews of his collection and though reporters are not gushing, they are suitably impressed with what he produced. i for one ADORE the fall 2008 collection. the pieces are soft in pallete, structure and touch (i imagine.) they are at once feminine and sexy and they are bold without being over the top. i am currently looking into investing in a few key high-end pieces and ungaro is definitely on my list. young esteban has made me a believer.

cortazar's collection for ungaro was very restrained, refined and mature. i loved it. do you? (

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