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Monday, March 03, 2008


winehouse, wearing fendi at the concert. she ended off by saying to the audience, "Thanks for asking me to play,whoever asked me to play." (all photos from

paris - i am sorry. i just can't cosign on the mass acceptance - and even approval/applause - of amy winehouse as she is. i don't think everyone in the world and/or fashion industry needs to stage an intervention. but i find it absolutely absurd when noted people in the industry are rushing over themselves to compliment to compliment her sloppy style and her talents. (see below.) honestly, am i THE ONLY one who sees a crack head that needs help when i look at amy winehouse? the quotes below were pulled from the recent concert she gave for fendi, for which she was reportedly paid over $1 million u.s.

i just don't get the allure. please tell me what part of the puzzle i am missing!

Karl Lagerfeld: "There's no guarantee, you know. That's what I like about her. She's not only a muse; she's a genius. She's one of the greatest voices today." Claudia Schiffer: "Whatever she puts together works." (re: Amy's style. Really Claudia?) Jade Jagger: "She always manages to look good," (WTF!? can we pleeeaaase be for real?)
mk and ashley. or ashley and mk? don't know which is which. they were at the party as well.

Delphine Arnault: "She's amazing." Rihanna: "Just awesome." Jessica Alba: "She's a throwback to those amazing jazz, R&B and soul singers," said Alba. "And Karl always puts on a great show." Mary Kate Olsen: "She's amazing."

now these are geniuses: peter marino and sydney toledo, clearly having a grand time.

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Anonymous said...

I freaking LOVE HER! SHE IS GREAT. Get over yourself Zandy Blay! Wake up!

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