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Monday, March 03, 2008


new york - what took so long? socks and hosiery seem like a very natural extension of steve madden, the contemporary shoe line which sells like hot cakes in america. the company just announced that it's going into business with new york based licensee, gina group, to produce everything from basic tights to leg warmers and leggings. paul kubie, vice president of brand development for gina group told womens wear daily, " it's the best time to be going into legwear. it's all about the leg. everybody is accessorizing with anything they can put on their legs. it's a great way to change up an outfit." OR, make more profit. congrats on the deal to all involved. i am sure that you may not be familiar with gina group (and if you are, haute!), but you will be familiar with some of the other firms they design underwear for: rocawear and union bay!

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