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Wednesday, March 26, 2008


regine strikes a very pretty pose. we are living for that roland mouret inspired dress and that fierce lipstick!

new york - blaynistas if you are currently in college, please be super nice to your friends. you know why? because one day, they will grow up to be super fly fashionistas working at marc jacobs and living a fabulous life. in fact, it will be so fab, that you will beg them for an exclusive interview on your daily fashion blog. that's exactly what happened to me. i've known ms. regine lahens since the age of 17. even back then, she was a self-assured, elegant young lady and the years have done her well. today she is channelling on that chic into her job at marc jacobs. she sat down with shavon greene, one of my wonderful reporters, to talk style, career, and her burning desire to be a writer.

why does this shot remind us of the juergen teller ads for marc jacobs?

shavone: do you care to give your age?

regine: 25

shavone: where were you born/raised? regine: Brooklyn, NY

shavone: where did you attend school? interned? what led up to your current position?

regine: I graduated from Syracuse University with a degree in Communication and Rhetorical Studies. I actually wanted (and still want) to be a writer and ended up interning for a boutique PR company with the goal of writing press releases for emerging brands. I ended up hooking up with one of those brands, a shoe company called Detny where I reluctantly fell into the business end of fashion. After 2 years as the Operations Manager for Detny, I was ready to take on a larger name and lucky for me Marc Jacobs snatched me up.

shavone: i understa
nd you are currently a coordinator for Marc Jacobs, which i bet entails many things...please elaborate on your position? what are some daily duties? who do you interact with? how many hours do you work?

regine: I am actually the Logistics Coordinator for Marc Jacobs International so I coordinate (obviously) the global shipping of Marc by Marc Jacobs Ready-to-Wear and Accessories as well as Marc Jacobs Collection Accessories. So, day to day work consists of monitoring the movement of thousands of units a day and hundreds of thousands of units per season. That's just a normal day. During market my team is responsible for getting the samples for the shows, even if it means flying to Italy to get it ourselves. I work closely with the production teams-the girls who get the items you see in stores produced in bulk. Do I get to work with Marc? No, I'm not that lucky but I do get to see him a couple of times a season :)

shavon: what have you learned from working for a major designer like Marc Jacobs?

Nothing is impossible.

working for a designer like Marc Jacobs, i can imagine all the fab clothes...describe your typical outfit for the office.
we love this pose too! this chic gives good face!

It's a pretty laid back atmosphere but it definitely encourages me to express myself however I want, whether I'm feeling pin-up and I wear a pencil skirt, sweater and platform pumps and bright red lipstick or I'm feeling up to the minute chic with high waisted wide-legged denim trousers,ankle boots and chunky jewelry. It's a great environment for experimenting.

shavone: so besides Mr. Jacobs, who are the designers you have been eyeing lately?

Proenza it!

for someone hoping to model your steps...give me a checklist of 3 do's and don'ts in your field?

regine: 1. Do take advantage of every opportunity given to you. Don't think you're above dirty work...stay humble. 2. Do find a mentor or someone who'll show you the ropes and allow you to pick their brain. Don't be afraid to ask questions 3. Do share your ideas or suggestions in a constructive way. Don't ever take "No" for an answer

: thank you so much for your time, but I have one more favor: - i heard you were an avid reader of The Blay Report..tell us why you love it!

- Besides being written by my old college comrade, The Blay Report is wittyas well as informative. Whether you're a budding fashionista or a stylesavant, The Report has got you covered.

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