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Wednesday, March 26, 2008


dean and dan caten, the design duo behind dsquared, flank popsinger rihanna. now is it just me or does she look draggish? just asking! (

worldwide - i can't say i share their enthusiasm, but i have several friends who live and die for the dsquared label. in other words, they really, really, really love it. now those aficionados have even more to love when it comes to the label: dsquared is launching a new eyewear range. marcolin group and staff international s.p.a, who already hold the license to dsquared clothing, wil now be producing the eyewear for them. it is a five year deal, renewable at the end of the term. number crunchers expect the line to yield about 31 million dollars a year. in addition to sunglasses, customers will also be able to purchase prescription specs from the label. mu$t be nice.

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