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Tuesday, March 25, 2008


worldwide - so i just want to put it on the record: i love the blay report, is a curated blog. in addition to exclusive interviews and news items, i am pulling the best bits of fashion news from across the web. to be often, very rarely do i find this from other blogs - especially fashion ones. everyone wants to tell you about a sale or how to wear a trend. i couldn't care less about those things - and i don't think you, my wonderful reader does either. bits like that have their place, but overall, folks like you and be are more interested in the visual/cerebral aspect of fashion. that's what turns us on. (ofcourse the odd sample sale here and there doesn't hurt.) i say all that to say, i'm glad i found, because they actually post clever, concise, and cultured fashion news. the photo shoot below is from (not by) the team. it features kelly (her last name escapes me) in a photoshoot directed and shot by the legendary karl lagerfeld of chanel and fendi. i loved it. do you?

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