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Tuesday, March 25, 2008


worldwide - i know yall don't care unless i post a picture. (at least i wouldn't) but i'm entirely too patient to put up with my faulty digi cam right now, so i am going to just tell you: I BOUGHT MY FIRST CHANEL BAG!!!!!! yes! yes! yes! now, i know what you are thinking "must be nice to have that kind of budget." but let me tell you. momma worked super hard to get the coin for this bag. i won't even bother telling you the price, but suffice it to say i could have bought an entire set of bedroom furniture. it is a large black tote with gold hardware and i am in total love with it. even though i walked out of the store with the bag, my country bumpkin bum insisted on keeping the box and shopping bag which it came in. i asked the sales clerk if that was tacky, he just laughed. i'm sure in the back of his mind he was thinking, "hell yeah! excited much newbie!!?" but i am. i am. it's a mind trip always writing about luxury goods and fashion brands and never being able to buy it. for this humble lil fashion writer, this is a tiny slice of heaven. just thought i'd share with my wonderful readers. i promise you, pics are coming soon.

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