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Thursday, March 06, 2008


world wide - really, it's not because she's my sister. the fact is, zeba blay, 18, of jersey city, new jersey is a very accomplished photographer. she's already won numerous awards for her images, which elevate every day moments and objects to new heights. somehow, she manages to captures things in a way that flood them with emotion and honesty. thank god she's already a relative, because if not, i'd be stalking her. that said, below are two examples of her work. going forward, i plan on regularly featuring images captured by her, so stay tuned for more.

zeba and i get a last good bye hug before i leave for london. can you zoom in on this pic? it might be worth doing because honestly -my skin looks flawless. now I KNOW that's not the most humble statement - don't hate me for saying it. i am a humble girl (but are you still humble if you announce that you are humble?) buy i have to call a spade. i don'know what was in that lighting at jfk airport, but it did my skin good. (zeba blay)


Shavon Greene said...

two beautiful sisters!

MS Reviewer said...

Continue capturing great images Zeba!

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