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Thursday, March 06, 2008


this ad is so rich with detail. check out the lamps with the skull covered scarves. (

worldwide - so the announcement that keith richards, legendary guitar player for the rolling stones, is the new face of louis vuitton has sparked lots of jokes on the internet. many a blogger has insinuated that "you can't find leather this good." fair enough. but obvious jokes aside, this is - ONCE AGAIN - a brilliant coup for vuitton. luxury is luxury, but building a serious lifestyle brand around lux is another thing - and i see that vuitton is doing it quiet well.

the best week ever had the best joke ever about vuitton's new collaboration. (the

richards' ads follow a series of amazing fashion/cultural portraits shot by legendary photographer annie liebowitz. in the past mikhail gorbachev, and andre agassi have been a few of the celebs who have sat for vuitton inspired portraits. these things work because although the product - vuitton bags - are front and center, they are fused with all the importance and cultural relevance of the heavyweights who are posing with the bag. i love it and honestly have been moved to invest in my first ever authentic vuitton bag this season. stay tuned on my purchase.

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