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Friday, March 07, 2008


usa - blaynistas! so you know how much i love the girls at coty prestige! well the love affair continues. tara eisenberg, publicity manager at the fragrance firm, was kind enough to let me know about a new development in the market: Lancastaer 365 has finally hit stateside. the luxury beauty line, which is enjoying a rennaisance at the moment, is a cult classic among those in the know in europe and america. luckily for american fans of the product, they no longer have to travel abroad to buy it! we sat down this week with tara to talk about the reasons why the brand is now in the u.s and exactly what makes lancaster, and it's singnature product "365 Cellular Elixir" so lustworthy! enjoy! xo, zb

bottles of the precious lancaster "365 cellular elixir." (coty)

ZANDILE: So today, we aren't even talking fragrance. We are talking beauty, specifically Lancastar 365 Cellular Elixir. What's so special about it?

TARA: For the first time with “365 Cellular Elixir”, Lancaster has developed a technology that helps safeguard the skin’s gene code via a unique combination of protecting DNA and supporting the natural skin DNA repair process day and night. Lancaster’s patented RPF technology, enriched with a Mediterranean plant complex, provides the protection, while specific enzymes photolyases and endonucleases encapsulated in liposomes (photosomes and ultrasomes) support the natural skin DNA process day and night.

ZANDILE: Why is it entering the U.S market at this point in time?

TARA: Simply because it is a true scientific breakthrough for Lancaster, and also because it will be the first time in skincare that we are launching a product that represents all the values of the Lancaster renaissance.

ZANDILE: Do you think that skin care aficionados in this country will really respond to it?

TARA: Definitely! We are the first to work in this way on DNA, supporting the skin’s own protection and repair systems with, on one hand, Lancaster’s exclusive RPF technology and, on the other, the “intelligent” combination of photosomes and ultrasomes.

But how is it any better/different from some of the "legendary" rejuvinative products on the market, (i.e. Creme De La Mer)?

TARA: The aim of “365 Cellular Elixir” is to preserve the youthful quality of the skin’s DNA by helping to support and optimize the skin’s own natural metabolic and renewal systems. In the first place, the RPF complex helps protect skin’s DNA from free radicals attack. Secondly, the “intelligent” combination of photosomes and ultrasomes delivers enzymes, which are acting naturally in the skin. During the day, photosomes release the enzyme photolyase, which, activated by light, goes to work immediately as DNA damages occur. At night, ultrasomes release the enzyme endonuclease, which works to support the DNA repair process. In other words, “365 Cellular Elixir” uses leading-edge “intelligent” technology to work in harmony with nature directly on skin’s DNA.

No other product on the market can do what 365 can do.

ZANDILE: Does this line have a targeted age group or can mothers/daughters alike use it?

TARA: It’s never too early to start protecting your skin’s DNA! The beauty of this product, and of the science behind it, is that it is for all ages, all skin types, and all skin tones.

ZANDILE: Most importantly, where can we buy it?

TARA: Lancaster 365 Cellular Elixir will be available April 2008 at select Bloomingdale's, Nordstrom, Ulta and Lord & Taylor stores nationwide, as well as and Beginning March 10, New Yorkers can go to Bloomingdale’s 59th street to pre-buy their 365!

ZANDILE: Finally - we are absolute HAM's at the Blay Report, so do tell us exactly why you LOVE reading it!

TARA: I love the witty and honest writing and up-to-the-minute info on all things fashion and beauty!
ZANDILE: You have such good taste in blogs! Thanks so much for reading us, and thanks even more for the interview!

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