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Tuesday, March 04, 2008


will playboy's new fragrance be as iconic as this "vintage" cover of anna nicole? we'll know in a few months. (

usa - now is it just me or is coty the hautest fragrance company around? they are announcing new fragrance deals faster almost every other week and it seems like every hot and amazing scent that debuts is linked to the company. even more celebrities are rushing over themselves to ink deals with them. the latest deal is a very unique one - even for coty! playboy, no explanation needed, has just commissioned coty to create a new mens fragrance under their brand. the scent will debut in fall 2008 across europe, north america, latin america and asia. bernd beetz, the companie's ceo said, "playboy's rich history of glamour, indulgence and fun, combined with a cutting-edge lifestyle create the perfect formula for a new men's fragrance line." that quote says it all, but it doesn't give a clue as to what i am MOST curious about at this point: what will this smell like! stay tuned. you KNOW i am going to get an exlusive from my favorite girls at coty from you.

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Cate said...

that cover is very glamourous. wow it's almost a year that anna nicole smith died! seems to me five minutes ago...

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