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Tuesday, March 04, 2008


this photo and the two below are both from vera wang's lavendar label. i've been researching the line and the pieces are definitely well designed. now if only the team would take the time to make the bags instead of licensing their duties away....(top:, bottom:

usa - i love a licensing deal, particularly because it means more money and exposure for designers who have worked extremely hard to attract them. but, what does it mean for consumers who buy a certain label and product specifically because it is the design and/or vision of the products' name sake. for example, most people, myself included, spefically love balenciaga because of the style and ethos of it's designer nicholas ghesquiere. others are loyal to chanel, because karl lagerfeld, has held to the spirit of the label, while moving it forward. that brings me to today's news: vera wang has inked a licensing deal with the accessory network group for her lavender label. a.n.g will design small bags and leather goods to compliment the lavendar label, which is designed in house. but at price points between $300 to $1000 per bag, i'd rather the pieces have been designed by vera and/or her design team specifically. though licensing deals have their pluses, the minus, especially in this deal, is that the consumer is buying a product from a random design team and slick packaging. readers, what to YOU think? (p.s now i know wang is not the only designer label to do this. just using her by way of example. )

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