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Thursday, May 08, 2008


is it just me or is there something really, really sexy about slimane. i don't usually go for the super skinny type, but he might be the exception to my rule. btw, aren't you surprised by him wearing baggy jeans in this pic? he's legendary for eating babyfood to fit into his skin tight jeans....(

italy - never you mind the cheeky title for this post. i just like to have fun. it's quiet possible slimane spends more in a month than i've ever made my whole life. that said, the former dior homme designer is allegedly in talks with diesel to head a new high-end line. there are scant few details about this label which will be called "red." stay tuned for more deets. that said though, is this an upgrade or a downgrade for slimane? methinks thumbs down....ouis?

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