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Wednesday, May 07, 2008


i literally just landed in london about five hours earlier, but forget taking a nap! i had to get it in with my honeybun laila. we are both hair obsessed and rightly so as our manes look amazing. interested in hair this beautiful!? then stay tuned for our website which debuts this summer called zalai luxury.

just to emphasize the point, a backshot of laila. hair, weave, body, heels and bag - all look amazing. no wonder she's my friend.

do you love my faux walk? do you love how i artfully arched my back so you got a full shot of the back, my weave and my denim leggings? do you love what a self-centered-ham i am!? i thought so!

london - okay, so who hit on me? or rather, me and my homie laila? USHER and his SECURITY GUARD! okay, so as usher was sitting directly across from us with his wife, tameka - it is entirely possible that what i assumed was a come one was really a smile. but there was no confusing his security guard, a very, very attractive italian man who followed us OUT of the restaurant and started talking to us. shout out to mr. jerk city, the jamaican restaurant in soho where we were dining. the food and atmosphere was lovely and so are the celebrity guests. usher is in town for a performance this saturday in london....he has amazing skin and his a bit short in person. tameka is cute. but the best looking one was some random girl who was eating with her. i was actually so busy staring at her at first, that i didn't even notice usher had walkd into the room.

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