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Tuesday, May 06, 2008


never you mind how rough i look in these pics. i was just coming off days - yes days - at f.i.t library working on a research project. my lovely b.f, franklin, helped me truck my bags home. not that you asked me, and not that its not exceedingly obvious from my body language, but i love my boyfriend and my chanel bag!

the coat is off, the bags have been cast off to the side and i'm posing with my girl janelle grimmond at vibe magazine. i popped in to say goodbye before heading to my house to pack and leave!

i saved the best for last! that's my momma on the left (giving us lots of cleavage) and my wonderful auntie on the right (giving fabulous hair and making a nurse uniform look sexy) and me in my favorite rosary and a custom shirt my red coles designer, eric coles. this was taken right before i left for the airport. i miss my two favorite girls and new york so much....but london blaynistas, i sure am happy to be here.

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