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Tuesday, July 15, 2008


worldwide - "he*l yeah" and a "high five" to womens wear daily for that off the hook head for this news piece. the whole title read "luxe brand smackdown: tiffany loses to ebay in a fight over fake goods." really the title says it all. but if you want to know inc. filed a suit against ebay about four years ago. essentially they were arguing that ebay is enabling vendors who sell counterfit, aka FAKE, products. they wanted ebay to be responsible for policing and reporting and preventing the sale of knockoffs. ebay, ofcourse, disagreed. their argument was that they'd done all they can do and the responsibility lays primarily on the shoulders of tiffany's and other luxury brands who are worried about counterfitters. looks like the judge agreed. in a statement judge richard sullivan said, " it is the trademark owner’s burden to police its mark and companies like eBay cannot be held liable for trademark infringement.­­" expect round two to come up as it looks like tiffany's won't let this go without a fight. don't you just love it when fashion gets down and dirty!!!?

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