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Thursday, December 11, 2008


london - so i'm guessing my editorial savvy blaynista's know all about love, the new magazine launched by london's super star editrix, katie grand.  grand, who also studied at central saint martins, has a legendary track record in publishing. while a student at csm, she launched dazed and confused magazine. after graduating, she moved on to face magazine, and later launched pop magazine. so it's only right that conde nast tapped her to launch, love, a new fashion mag which i imagine will follow the same luxe/edgy/artsy formula which has been consistent in grand's career.  the lucky londoner's who will serve as the first editorial staff of love have been announced and they are as follows: (p.s as i read the masthead, all i kept thinking was? where are all the junior/assistant editors? almost everyone  is a senior editor)

editor in chief: katie grand
creative director: lee swillingham
creative director: stuart spalding
senior editor: murray healy
fashion director: victoria young
senior fashion editor: tim clifton-green
senior fashion editor-at-large: francesca burns
senior contributing fashion editor: joe mckenna
senior contributing editor: paul flynn
entertainment editor: greg krelenstein for starworks
editorial consultant: mark frith
junior editor: joseph mercier
fashion editor: anders thomsen
fashion editor: phoebe arnold
fashion editor: kimi o'neil
junior fashion editor: michelle simkins
associate publisher: amie martin
special projects: catherine russell
press & publicity: mandi lennard publicity ltd

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