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Thursday, December 11, 2008


online - just when you think there's nothing more to improve about online shopping, along comes honeyshed. it's a new shopping site that claims to be "reinventing shopping for the digital generation." they aren't lying. the website is super user friendly and is very heavy on using pictures - instead of words - to guide you to the products you love. they sell everything from nars cosmetics to olympus cameras and they categorize all their products under the most hilarious labels (i.e. "your shit" "kicks to lids" "fun shit"). the site has daily promotions that offer you deep discounts on the products you love. right now, they are running a promotion where you can "stash" the stuff you would love to buy from the site each day. a lucky winner will get their entire wish list for for free. the gagger about the site though is that instead of the typical product shot and thirty word descriptive caption, honeyshed uses video skits to show off the merchandise. whether it's an italian leather wallet, a pair of pumas, or a vintage hoodie, you will be treated to a two-minute skit celebrating the product. it literally feels like watching qvc for the 21-and-under generation, but i love it. check out stills from some of my favorite videos on the left, and go here to experience honeyshed for yourself. let us know if you love it or hate it!

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Camille Acey said...

I wanted to like it but it was too disorganized and overwhelming for me. I couldn't even figure out where to start. And geez? Where is the item description? Where is the price? I thnk they'd do well to follow QVC's structure to a T and KISS (keep it simple, silly).

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