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Thursday, December 11, 2008


usa - okay, are you thinking what i'm thinking?  a) mudd clothing still exists and b) why would kohl's want to design or sell it. in these tough economic times, the answer can't possibly be a profit. but apparently, there's a market for mudd clothing  - and if you are a member of that market please do excuse me. but i digress...the news is: starting in july of next year kohl's corporation will become the exclusive u.s retailer of mudd apparel, jewelry and accessories. senior executive at kohl's , don brennan, had this to say about the deal: " we're pleased the agreement with iconix (owners of mudd)...., will enhance the mudd brand's presence in stores and grow our portfolio of exclusive offerings."  i think this is a really good look for mudd, but i'm not sure if the same goes for kohl's. thoughts?  and p.s the big old photo of ashanti? thats from mudd's recent campaign for its delicious curves line. they decided to go with ashanti as their spokes model. again.....i know what you are thinking....


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