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Thursday, March 26, 2009



feature - Leon Curry- senior at FAMU is a political science major. The name of Leon's line is his name spelled out- ELLIE OWEN! Say it with me - ELLIE OWEN! The young designer is definelty pushing the envelope. "Ellie Owen is real....Ellie Owen is a coming of age story, and sort of a psychological self-portrait. Too many girls want to be Fierce, but what really makes a woman sexy and powerful is fearlessness. A fearless woman owns everything, she is not afraid of risk, and she is not afraid to live her own life. The best way to describe Ellie Owen, if you haven't met her before is a Glam Luxe Tom Boy. You know that
attractive woman who is at the head of her game and can hang with any dude,  but she isn't masculine. The key to Ellie Owen is that she is Glamorous but  not dainty. She can do it on her own, while wearing the seasons best..."
He is definelty someone to lookout for... I dig it
Terrence Phearse


Summer said...

Oh,thanks for sharing it to us.;D
I really love her beauty and her dress is amazing.Hope to see more from you..I hope you could visit my blog too if you have time..;D

Solo said...

Oh,lovely post ever.=)
Have a nice day.

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