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Thursday, March 26, 2009



feature - There is a certain type of customer who can make a shop assistant's day.
The couture-loving socialite, heiress and film producer Daphne Guinness is
just that customer, and, as she whooshes through the door of Dover Street
Market, a blur of pigeon's-blood nail polish and badger-striped hair, one can
 feel the collective clasping of fingertips, the swell of admiration, from the floor.
Guinness is prominent in the fashion world as a style icon, journalist
and noted collector of Haute couture. She has an interest in the use
of armour in fashion. She is like an older version of Victoria Beckham, right?
Terence Phearse


Mia Anita said...

love LOVE LOVE HER. Did a post about her way back. Fierce Scorpio indeed!

Chic Noir said...

She is like an older version of Victoria Beckham, right?
perfect discription of daphne. I love her so chic so glam so truly fierce.

Anonymous said...

nothing like victoria beckham! she's got the hauteur, the breeding and the money of a queen. she's more like mica ertegun on crank. sang-froid bad -girl, those badger stripes are for real!

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