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Saturday, April 04, 2009


new york - okay so welcome to my latest running column on the blay report where I ask the age old question ( at least in my world) about who wears certain brands.

so for this edition, we turn the spotlight on babyphat. anyone who knows me also knows I have a deep seated love for the brand, but I will never wear it. What I see on their run way season in and season out is passable, but what I see in their stores is baffling.

case in point, the black nylon puffy with the overblown gold kitty above. I can't imagine that anyone would wear this, but apparently this young preteen who was strolling the streets of washington heights does. I'm dead wrong for taking her photo without asking, but alas journalistic truth required it.

so do you wear babyphat or know anyone else who does? why?


Camille Acey said...

i have a few pairs of earrings because i like the logo but the clothes are not my style.

Anonymous said...

my cousin has a few pairs of the jeans. they fit her well. SS

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