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Monday, May 18, 2009


paris - Blaynistas, book your flights. As we all know the recession has affected retail outlets world wide. In nearly every window a little red sign is hanging with one of the following magic words, SALE, LIQUIDATION, or HALF OFF. These words, and troubled times, have been glorious to the shopaholics that tromp the most fashionably clad streets in the world. One of the fashion capitals of the world, France, has been the most recent victim to add deep discounts to their stores merchandise. In February France had a18.3% drop in women's apparel sales. This drastic change in consumer purchases has lead to France adding an additional two weeks to the year in which stores are legally allowed to have sales. These periods have been deemed "soldes flottantes" which means floating sales and are to be held at least a month after the already scheduled January and June sales. Au revoir! Signing on to to find the best airfare for a July trip to our favorite city in the world, bonjour Paris!!Lola Méndez






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