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Tuesday, June 30, 2009


new york - there seemed to be something missing on the resort runways this season. overexposure of the strong and tough, yet stylish woman left me thinking - what of those days when one needs to take off the cape (or in this case, heels 5 inches and up) or simply lapse into the ease of being a damsel in distress (or preferably a mere damsel)?   so when i see a collection like basso and brooke's, it's basically like sniffing a lime: ice particle inspired prismatic representations (some of which remind me of the cover of bjork's new album, 'voltaic'), meet with classic silhouettes in the ultimate clash of surreal and real. with basso's seemingly innate creative streak for prints and brooke's classic shapes, it's irony at its best as these two designers are able to complement each other through focus on their individual albeit very different strengths. lottie ntim

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