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Monday, June 22, 2009


new york - trust this duo to reignite a nineties trend, while drawing inspiration from tahitian surfer culture and midcentury factory workers. there is no point coating this in flowery descriptives - i want every piece in this collection! 
that cropped white jacket, the lengthened navy (denim?) vest, the scarf-like incorporation into the neck pieces, that waist-enhancing yellow and grey halter, among many others. i'm a huge fan of the tie-dyes, but would likely pair them with the navy shorts and basket weave detail sandal, along with those angular round bottom sunglasses (inspired by mid- 20th century factory workers' goggles), for a night out on bleecker street. yes, i wear my sunglasses at night. starting tomorrow, i'm tying my sweater around my waist, too. lottie ntim

1 comment:

andrea said...

very nice. i'm a big fan of Proenza Schouler and love this collection

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