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Monday, June 22, 2009


usa - at first  blush, i couldn't be more excited about this news: google has launched a new phone called the mytouch3G. as a hard core googlenista ( my blog is on a google platform, my contacts, calendar, email are all on google, i blog on the go with google, etc, etc, etc) i am dearly devoted to all things google and am an automatic fan of their products. this phone is equipped with just as many bells and whistles - if not more - as the G1. it has improved camera and camcorder capability, it has upgraded google search to google search with voicee, and there are hundreds of new applications. but upon further inspection of the photo, my enthusiasm is slightly curbed. for one it doesn't appear to give the dual option of a standard querty and touch screen key board, something i absolutely adore in the first phone. next it looks to be a whole lot slimmer than the first one, a feature i actually dont love. in an age where phones are so slim, they almost disappear it was nice to have something chunkier to hold on to. i have yet to test drive the phone and hope to do so in a fewweeks, perhaps after experiencing it my opinion will change. in meantime, does your inner tech geek love or loath this phone? zandile blay

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