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Thursday, July 30, 2009


Miami – Not a problem if you're staying at the Standard hotel! Quicksilver and Standard have collaborated to create a vending machine for silly tourist like yourself that can't remember that vacation ensemble must – some swimming suits! The men lucked out this time being able to choose from a variety of patterns and colors on the trunks while women can choose from black, black or... black! (I wouldn't be surprised to see someone interchanging the two in an attempt to make them uni-sex). Now if you're the really unprepared traveler and didn't research the city you are staying in then we strongly suggest getting your man into the trunks dedicated to your travel destination. Each of the cities, Miami, Los Angeles, New York and Hollywood have a pair dedicated to it. Each pair is inscribed with hotspots of the city. Just keep in mind; these will NOT pass as shorts! Not traveling to any cities where the Standard hotels are located? Don't fret you can purchase yours online at Lola Méndez

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QGBlog said...

The Quiksilver Vending Machine is very cool. Asking the Question... "What would you do if you found yourself at a pool party without a suit?" Check out some video and pics of answers

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