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Thursday, July 30, 2009


www - My favorite London bad girl has landed herself as the face for Chanel's newest sportswear inspired handbag collection "Coco Cocoon". I love. I want. And, they are almost, sort of, kind of, recession friendly. The collection will be available for purchase in October. The adorable ad campaign was shot by Karl Lagerfeld himself with a Holly Golightly clad Lilly Allen looking healthy and happy. I'm anxious to see how Allen will interpret her own rock chic style into her new fashion endeavors, did you all check out her jewelry line which launched Monday? -Lola Méndez


1 comment:

chic noir said...

2.5k for a bag that's not leather. no no no!I love channel but karl needs to bring it if he wants people to spend money on channel bags.

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