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Sunday, August 16, 2009


British designer Henry Holland debuted his hosiery line, a collaboration with Pretty Polly, in Selfridges this week.
Henry Holland's Pretty Polly Tights   
london - i've had my eye on henry holland since his 80s-inspired tees with tongue-in-cheek catchphrases placed him on the map only because of my curiosity if the house of holland designer will or will not be a flash in the pan. but of course one should never underestimate fashion designers that come with pretty young things in their posse, like model agyness deyn. (and speaking of pyt, have you seen the michael jackson tribute for the september issue of harper's bazaar starring agyness? amazingly fun isn't it?) now holland has collaborated with tight brand pretty polly for an autumn/winter line of hosiery and had his exclusive launch of the collection in selfridges this week. i know, i know. the market has been saturated with leggings and tights, but holland breathes an inspired design to his own collection that comes in different styles like seasonal stripes and suspender effects. fans who woke up early to get first looks were greeted with coffee in limited edition cups by models wearing holland's creations. who doesn't appreciate cute marketing?
kristina bustos 

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