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Sunday, August 16, 2009


The woman behind the threads unabashedly speaks to W magazine for their September issue, touching on everything from fashion to family.

new york - so many alluring september issues i can't wait to finger through, so little time. but one in particular that's sure to be interesting is w magazine's september issue, featuring a compelling interview with the fascinating miuccia prada. the designer, who speaks with no hesitations about her own empire, is always notoriously tight-lipped when it comes to other subjects; she does not publicly name designers or celebrities that she admires (odd?) nor does she publicly speak her sons' names. on the economic crisis, she says, "you have to be more and more yourself. what is really selling is what is really prada. you cant do some generic bullsh*t". and on the recent scandal of pictures of her husband seemingly getting cozy with another blonde, she undauntedly replies, "gossip is everywhere, so what do you do?" she expresses her fondness for "six girls, really well dressed" at this year's biennele, but before divulging details on one woman's ensemble, she sternly instructs the w writer that it's off the record. she also discusses design inspirations for her fall lines. all that juice and much more, coming to a newsstand near you!

–sydney cannon

[image via frllr]

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