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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Designers Chau Har Lee and Diego Dolcini feeds your addiction with their innovative footwear but are you up for a challenge?
chau-har-lee-shoes-1.jpgwww - few days ago we showed you what raphael young brings to the fashion industry with his marvelous footwear designs. now british shoe innovator chau har lee possibly has one-upped young or any shoe designers for that matter because really, have we seen footwear like what lee has created before? with their structural designs, her work are definitely meant for the haute couture runway and even inside an art gallery, but what is even more impressive is that lee has won countless awards for her creation, including 2009's prize winner of manolo blahnik competition rca and the its8 competition. and speaking of blahnik, lee has had one-to-one tutorial with the designer, himself. so it's up to you my shoe addicts out there, do you have in you to take one of these ingenious heels off the runway and on to the streets. fashion week is just right on the corner.
italian shoe designer diego dolcini also shows off what his skills can do. we have seen his origami satin pumps, but his latest footwear takes it a step further by creating a pair of pumps that may be made from paper. although i was underwhelmed with the former, the latter speaks to my heart because it reminds me of my childhood days of making origami sailboats. let's just hope these pumps don't meet the same fate as the sailboats once in water.
paper shoes diego dolcini
Kristina Bustos
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