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Thursday, August 20, 2009


GQ magazine places the King of Pop on the cover of it's September issue.

new york - okay, so maybe the tag line "when michael jackson was cool," definitely didn't help the case any. (but truth be told between dangling babies on the balcony and masking his entire face, michael didn't help his own case any either. let's just stand in the truth.) but i digress....a quick scan of this cover on the web reveals a laundry list of blogs from, to crunk and disorderly who strongly dislike the cover. some feel it's too late (after all, michael died weeks ago) while others feel it's a touch snarky (the cover line and tone of the article.) but we here at the blay report think this is the best cover - period. it catches michael at his height: looks, fame, style and goes on to share never before seen images with readers which highlight one of michael's most important contributions to pop culture: his style. i'm all for it. good job gq.

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