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Thursday, August 20, 2009


Last night, fashion icons came out - like groupies at an NFL draft party - to celebrate the New York City premier of the September issue.

new york -
we will discuss exactly why my invitation never arrived in my mailbox later - for now, let's focus on the positive. the positive here is mr. steve eichner and socialites for years. no wonder then that . of course, you don't know him. (truth be told, neither do i.) a quick google search (how did humans function before this) reveals him to be a well established photographer who has shot singers, actors, fashionistaswomen's wear daily hired him to shoot the festivities last night at the premier of the september issue. good move. looking at these photos - even on-line - is akin to scanning the pages of a lux coffee book. the star studded images, are visually lush and give us a clear view into what was clearly a legendary night amongst peers. eichner's talent is obvious in that every shot - be it diddy hobnobbing with zac posen, or reneezellwegger climbing the stares - tells a total story. kudos to him for a job well done, kudos to for posting these pics, and kudos to me (while i'm handing them out) for being a good sport despite the lack of invitation to such a spectacular evening.

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Anonymous said...

Marc is wearing me out with that skirt! Loves it.

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