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Thursday, August 20, 2009


Life's little luxuries just got a little more ludicrous. Case in point: the Balmain Pen. But we're the last to throw insults....on the contrary: we're throwing kudos to Christope Decarnin and the rest of the Balmain team.

new york -
honestly, it's all i can do to not run my debit card to buy several boxes of these pens. right now! (but until my billionaire boo finds me, i must practice frugality....) yet i digress....the news of the day is this: balmain pens. apparently, they are nothing new. license agreements struck between the luxury house and manufacturers has made it possible for obvious (fragrance) and not so obvious (pens!!!?) products to bear the prestigious balmain name. i spotted this on the chic report blog on fashion week daily's website. ( as a writer, you know i am beyond thrilled to know that while my salary does not yet allow me to spend several thousand on a sickening spring 2010 balmain jacket, i have the option of spending a portion of my rent (the pen starts at $65) money on an equally luxurious pen set. there is a god - and he adores me!

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