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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

HP creates a conceptual mock-up of a laptop that doubles as a compact and a nail salon, perfect for those who are always on the go. 
HP Concepts by Nikita Buyanov
www - hp has won over my 12-year-old heart by creating a bright pink laptop that allows you to beautify yourself while checking your e-mails. it's a conceptual mock-up designed by nikita buyanov for now, but who doesn't want to tote around a laptop that has an on-nail printing device, a mirror mode, and a pop-up makeup tray? in pink too! excuse my enthusiasm but my 12-year-old self has taken over today. so what do you think, blaynistas? i personally like the sleek look of the laptop, and although it's easy to laugh at a worldwide maker of computers for creating such a thing, it isn't the first time hp has taken interest in make-up. in 2007, hp was working on turning the mobile phone into a make-up tool as well, which could help females find the right colors and tones for their skin tones by taking their pictures with the phone and  sending the images to an automated system that picks out the persons' faces and recommends them the correct tones and colors for their skin tones through a text message. well okay, i did just giggled there a bit but i think hp is pretty serious about its new beauty endeavour. hp is also working on hp fitness, hp perfume and an hp chameleon.  
Kristina Bustos
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