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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Fashion blogger, Terrence Phearse, isn't the only one doing  photoshoots and now a 13-year-old blogger gets love from two magazines.
tavi for pop and love.jpgwww -  if this girl wasn't so darn cute, i would hate her, but alas i don't. how can you? if you read her recent posts on her blog, she admits she is madly in love with everything about the movie harold and maude,  calls the comme des garcons autumn/winter 2009 collection as her all time favorite, and knows who is natalia vodianova. i just want to have tea with her and gossip. so exactly who is this girl? her name is tavi and heads her own blog called "style rookie," which gets a good amount of readers and comments. at age 13, she lands the cover of the fall/winter 2009 issue of pop and is featured inside and used as a promotional image for an upcoming issue of love, which are her first two major magazine appearances. kudos to the little lady. to know more about tavi visit her blog @  stylerookie
Kristina Bustos
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