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Wednesday, August 19, 2009


So here is the good news: a Michael Jackson clothing collection might debut. Here is the bad: Christian Audigier would design it.
new york - every rose has its thorn, doesn't it? and this one happens to be the tackiest thorn of all. christian audigier, the millionaire master mind behind the ed hardy clothing (and furnishing, and underwear, and lotion) empire has revealed plans to move forward with a michael jackson clothing collection. initially, audigier was meant to design mj's costumes for his final world tour. it was during this time, he told the today show earlier this week, that the duo discussed an actual clothing line. audigier and his team presented sketches and ideas to the prince of pop and even went so far as pricing the items. plans are still underway, but fashionistas can look forward to jackets (ala thriller), socks, sequined gloves and slim cut slacks coming to a store near you. alas, on one hand i am happy about the potential profit this could mean for the jackson estate (and thereby his children and family). but from the timing to the team behind it, this entire concept feels a touch...tacky!
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