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Friday, August 07, 2009


worldwide... mark ronson doesn't just love mixing up everyone's favorite hits. in his new collaboration with gucci, the popular dj is designing a pair of unisex trainers for the luxury brand. after opening its first pop-up trainer store this october in soho, gucci plans to trot around the globe from tokyo to london, with the store staying in each location for just a few weeks. expect to see eighteen exclusive creations- sixteen for men, two for women, and one unisex pair designed by ronson. "i spent many, many years as an avid sneaker collector, so i wanted to make sure these gucci shoes were truly special from an aesthetic and collectable point of view", said the sneaker head. And to add even more of his special touch, each of the trainers will come with a 12-inch vinyl record, featuring limited edition tracks of ronson's. looking forward to (literally) seeing what's in store! - sydney cannon

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