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Friday, August 07, 2009


Harvard Launching Prep-Inspired Clothing Line

Boston- ok, i digress. im living for Harvard university right now. they are launching a
fashion line that is "prep chic" no longer does the students have to go down to there
local abercrombie or hollister to get there prep fix, but they are able now to invest
in there owns school clothing line. while Harvard heads aren't necessarily the ones
putting pen to paper and sketching out the preppy looks that make up the line, the
school's style history has surely provided plenty of inspiration. As for the price point:
"Harvard Yard trousers will retail for between $195 and $225; wovens, for between $165
and $225, and sport coats will top out at $495." Normally when you thinkk of school fashions
you get a lumpy $65 sweatshirt with their name plastered all over it. I think Harvards line
will be very sucessful, think about all of that alumni. the end
Terrence Phearse

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I think this is ridiculous. People in college are suppose to focus on education, not fashion.

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