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Wednesday, August 05, 2009


usa - Teeny boppers all over the country are surely logging onto this week to purchase anything and everything Miley...The
fact that Miley co-designed a line for Wal-Mart isn't the so bad part.
  What is? She designed it with Max Azria. I can't seem to grasp the connection between Azria's broad span of lines. How can Herve Leger and Wal-Mart fashions come from the same man? Anyway the line is totally on spot with 80's rock and 90's grunge. The
leggings are really inexpensive, and the plaid shirt is actually just like another I've been looking at. Whatever keeps the coins flowing. We can't be mad! Lola Mendez


Camm.Camm said...

this is crazzy..does everyone think they can have the same success like McQueen and Mizarahi w/Target???

Jennifer Brix said...

I think this will be a profitable endeavor for Azria. I was shocked when I heard it too but Wal Mart is the biggest retailer in the country, not to mention everything Cyrus touches turns to gold! The ad campaign started running just in time for kids to start back to school shopping as well. I see dollar signs!
Love the site =)

Anonymous said...

who cares?

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