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Monday, August 17, 2009

W Magazine chats up with the aspiring designer on her collection and MTV reality show, House of Jazmin, premiering on August 18th.
www - first thing i thought without knowing much about jazmin whitley is "another kira plastinina?" you know, the young russian designer who started her own fashion empire last year at the age of 15 with the help of her millionaire and ceo father. but then, i find out whitley is a 20-year-old aspiring fashion designer, whose mtv reality show house of jazmin premieres tomorrow night as the cameras follow her behind the scenes of her collection, li cari. so then she's not a "kira" but a lauren conrad version 2.0? and coincidentally enough conrad has departed ways with her own mtv reality show, the hill. oh, i see what you did there mtv. in her w magazine interview, whitley talks about the meaning behind her collection's name, her style influences, what to expect from her show and many more. here's a glimpse of what she said.
why the name li cari?

translated from italian to english it means 'dear to your heart,' and it's also my grandparents' last name. so it's really personal.

style influences?

i think my biggest influence and inspiration would be coco chanel because just, like, the cuts and the fabrics and everything are so, like, my personal style. and so it's so, like, exciting to see all of her work and how she started with hats, and when i was young i started designing, like sketches of perfume bottles. i was just attracted to design in general and so then as a i got a little bit older it, like, went, like, all the way toward fashion.

her thoughts on other mtv reality shows?

um, i think that it's different from this show because my show is kind of more like a documentary type of a show, because it shows the steps and the hard work that's put into [the collection] and kind of just a different element than the vibe you would see on the hills and the city.

what to expect in house of jazmin from the season?

just the tension and hecticness that's in the world of fashion, which never dies.

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Kristina Bustos


[story & image: w magazine]

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