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Monday, August 17, 2009

The Marie Claire fashion director finishes filming her guest spot for a new CW show starring Mischa Barton and Project Runway premieres August 20th on a new network.
new york/los angeles - nina garcia graces our television screens in two different networks this tv season. one geared towards the 18 to 25 demographic who loves fashion and drama, and another geared towards middle-age women who just love their "wife gets revenge from her cheating husband as he runs away with their new baby and hot nanny" drama. is it just me or is this a case of "one of these things is not like the others?" so let's begin. first off, the marie claire fashion director just spent two days on the set of the cw's new dramatic series, the beautiful life. garcia seems like a perfect fit for the show, which revolves around the modeling world and the struggles that comes with being models in new york, starring mischa barton, sara paxton, and supermodel elle macpherson. can you imagine garcia cutting down the models for giving her the atttude? that is if the show allows her to improv because we know girl can dish it as shown from her time on the judging panels of project runway, but if the cw show doesn't satisfy us we can always tune in for more nina garcia on the lifetime network for the sixth season of project runway starting this thursday. wait? did i just say "lifetime?" yes, that's the other network i was talking about. i know but don't clutch your pearls yet, blaynistas! hiedi klum, michael kors, tim gunn, and garcia remain on the reality competition show, and klum and gunn have said that project runway will still be the same as it was on bravo in spite of the new network and the new location. oh yeah, did i mention the show has moved from new york to los angeles? i feel like i should i start fanning you and serving you cups of water, blaynistas.  
Kristina Bustos
[stories: fashion week daily & ny magazine's the cut/ images: getty images & lifetime]

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