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Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Historically, August has been the month for the fashion set to withdraw and vacation on their island or continent of choice in an attempt to re-charge for the brutal September grind (aka fashion weeks all over the place!) One of our favorite designers, Nana Boateng, followed suit and checked in with us while on vacay.

england - kent is a county in southeast england with a fine reputation. the abundance of orchards and gardens in the region have lent to it being called, "england's garden," and so it's no wonder menswear designer, nana boateng, opted to choose it for his summer holiday. the beverly hills based, ghanian born clothier has been staying in a country home there for the past seven weeks. as he tells the blay report though, it's certainly not a case of all play and no work. in fact he's been sneaking in business trips across the channel to france and to the london. expect lots of new developments come fall. but in the meantime, i beg, get into his athletic-chic get up. it makes me want to play a sport myself, or at least watch men do it. i'm sure my good friend laila would agree.

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