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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Making it the eleventh collection the supermodel and the British clothing store have worked together on, when the Fall collection comes out on August 31st.  
www - i'm not at all surprised topshop has worked with kate moss not once or twice but now eleven times. it has been a successful partnership and that partnership continues to grow with their upcoming fall collection. so what's the inspiration behind their latest collaboration? the grunge look and if there's anyone who i want to be taking style tips on how to wear this look it has to be from moss, right? (or courtney love but you take your pick.) the supermodel tells times uk that "this season's grunge is all about being creative about how you put your look together, and not necessarily spending a fortune. it's about being a little bit surprising and very creative. i love the glamour of adding some vintage to my look, and have done for years, as it keeps things original." the glamour that moss speaks of definitely shows  from the pieces and the photos promoting the collection. here's more for your eyes to feast on:
Kristina Bustos
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