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Thursday, August 27, 2009


Rihanna i adore you.. but are you gonna run the town tonight or grace italian vogue or pick up the mic again? im confused

Rihanna's on the Cover of Italian Vogue's September Couture Supplement!

italy- rihanna looks incredible.. like a power bitch out of the 80's wearing valentino. everyone doesnt seem to agree
IAMGREEN said. "she does look amazing. drat. she doesn't deserve the honour. wonder if somewhere naomi campbell is plotting..." and
and FAHRA said "Not the best cover, but i love the fact that she is on it!" well heres what i say. shes gorgeous, fabulous we get it.
but does she deserve to be on the cover of italian vogue. just a few months ago anna wintour annouced that rihanna would never grace
the american book, now here she is on a september cover of italian vogue. i subscribe to the belief that models should be models and singers
should be singers. point black
Terrence Phearse

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

She's not on the magazine's cover, it's that annual supplement inserted in the magazine.

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