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Friday, August 21, 2009

The designer met up with Missy Piggy for a fit session of his collection for her red carpet appearance today.
marc jacobs miss piggy
new york - first it was the cast of sesame street, now miss piggy gets the fashion treatment as well. marc jacobs is dressing up the muppet world's most fabulous member for her appearance today on the red carpet of the macy's glamorama bash in chicago. miss piggy stopped by at the designer's new york showroom on monday, where she not only got fitted to one of the dresses from his fall collection but she also got a sneak peek to his spring/summer 2010 collection hitting the runway next month. it was reported that miss piggy got fitted in a little black number and other haute couture gowns chosen by jacobs. so jealous of her right now, and what could seem like such a strange pairing i have to admit marc showing miss piggy his collection is oh so fashionably cute.
Kristina Bustos
[story via fwd & dailymail/ image via fwd]

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CoCoNoir said...

Miss Piggy!!Oh my God; she is my hero!!!!

love love love her and ALL her fabulousness

aww, good times...

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