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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sessilee Lopez Does Harper's Bazaar "From Seventh Avenue to Sesame Street"

One of our favorite models dons this seasons hautest looks, accompanied by fashion legends like Wang, de la Renta, Lim, Herrera and...Elmo?

usa - gotta be honest, since i'm a slight stan for sessilee lopez at the moment, i saw absolutely nothing wrong with the photo shoot below. then i spoke with my younger sister, zeba blay. this astute young photographer was kind enough to point out how absolutely simple this shoot was - and i don't mean the good kind. i love the styling and the pairing of a young model with established designers, but at what point during the editorial meeting did it become clever, brilliant - or at the very least, okay - to incorporate the cast of Sesame Street into the mix. Where is the connection? I can almost understand what the creative powers at Harper's might have been going for: a light hearted combination of couture and cartoons. but like oil and water, some things just don't mix.


Anonymous said...

who styled this mess? i am completely unmoved.


oh dag! yeah, the styling is a bit of a chop too....i'm just confused by it all!

Camille Acey said...

HOT MESS!!! was this for charity or something? i can only hope it was for the blind, so at least someone will be spared.

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